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X-rays are electromagnetic radiation waves that are utilized to produce images of internal organs and other bodily structures. The wavelength of X-rays is quite short. Different body tissues absorb them to varying degrees as they enter the body. For instance, soft tissues (skin, fat, and muscle) allow more X-rays to pass through than bones, which are dense and effectively absorb X-rays. The end result is an X-ray shadow on a film or fluorescent screen where shadows of soft tissues appear as various colors of gray and images of bones appear white. In some X-ray procedures, the patient is given a substance called contrast medium to aid in delineating a particular body region on the X-ray film. This substance can be ingested, administered as an enema, or administered intravenously. On the X-ray film, the contrast media appears white and can provide a crisp outline of structures like the gastrointestinal tract and blood vessel pathways.

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